Resilience Security specializes in executive & personal protection services, Our Executive Protection and Personal Risk Assessment Services. We understand that each of our clients has specific personal protection requirements. Our team works to exceed your expectations and deliver exceptional Atlanta executive protection & Atlanta bodyguard services at affordable rates. Resilience Security Protection provides more than just personal safety for our clients; each unique situation will be handled both discretely and professionally while your personal Atlanta bodyguard will keep you or your client in complete safety.

Our Atlanta executive protection specialists are highly trained to keep clients and locations safe while mitigating the risks of personal threats, violence, active shooters, stalkers, and any problem that might arise. Our clients can be rest assured that they are in the care of skilled and knowledgeable personal protection. Resilience Security offers single event, short-term and long-term contracts for active Atlanta executive protection.

When their client’s life is on the line, an executive security agent is prepared to handle any threatening situation. The capabilities and abilities of an executive protection agent are the result of years of highly-skilled training and include skills that are beyond the scope of an average armed security.

A professional Executive and VIP Security Service extends well past the scope of straight close protection agents. Think along the lines of the Secret Service. Personal security agents are assigned to ensure total security of their clients’ person, location, travel, technology, and family, including measures such as:

  • Secure transportation
  • State-of-the-art video surveillance
  • Advanced risk identification
  • Diplomatic security services
  • Threat neutralization
  • Discreet surveillance
  • Physical protection
  • Emergency medical response

And more

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Executive Protection and Personal Risk Assessment Services

To achieve such a high level of security, executive and VIP protection uses highly-experienced, often armed guards to oversee every aspect of an at-risk person’s protection, including identifying and neutralizing risks and providing electronic and video surveillance systems for comprehensive security.

This type of exclusive, intensive training is not necessary for many types of security situations, but when you’re looking for the highest level of personal protection, executive personal security is your best bet.