HOA & Property Management

Home Owners Associations, Property Management Associations and Private Residences that work together as a team can all benefit from Resilience Security’s HOA Security Guard Services. If you live in a community that has a Home Owner’s Association (HOA), you should ask your HOA representatives what they are doing to maintain the safety and security of the residents and homes in your community.

HOA & Property Management Security Services will keep your properties safe and guarded against the many different crimes that can happen. Our team is ready to go to work in your neighborhood and keep everyone safe while keeping a close eye on the community for any troubles, crime, and persons that might be trying to cause trouble. If you secure Resilience Security to oversee and handle your property security it will result in a considerable deterrent to crime in your private or public neighborhood.


Resilience Security specializes in the film and movie industry and provide comprehensive security services. We also work live entertainment and the television industries. Our qualified and experienced Atlanta security guards will take a proactive approach to securing your set and protecting both your property and personnel. Through communicating closely with on-site production teams, location managers and film crews, our guards will ensure all your equipment and facilities are completely secure, allowing cast and crew to work safely and uninterrupted

It’s vital in today’s environment to keep your private or public community safe and secure from outside predators, vandals, and crime. Our team of trusted home and property security officers can protect and serve your HOA or property management office. We provide dependable Atlanta HOA Security Services, Security Gate Officers, and Gated Community & Home Protection Service Patrols. We know how to keep your property safe and guard against outside and inside security issues that might arise.

All Atlanta homeowners should be concerned about security. Contact your HOA office and ask what they are doing for your property and your home. Even the most luxurious houses and properties could be broken into. It is important to know that no one is immune to Atlanta crime and that it could happen to anybody at any time.

On-Site Day & Night-time Guard Location Armed or UN-Armed Security Guard Services

Atlanta HOA Security Solutions

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Gate Security Guarding, Entry/Exit Security Security Protection

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Mobile Surveillance Monitoring

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Because we understand the importance of protecting your assets, we can also offer a higher level of close protection or bodyguard security for the cast and VIPs where required.