Celebrities are regularly spotted with bodyguards. People are fascinated with celebrities, sometimes to the point of obsession, so much so that eager fans have been known to endanger or injure their beloved celebrity. That’s why most celebrities have a security detail when they are out and about, as well as high-security homes.

Personal security isn’t restricted to big guys in black with guns. Even when you don’t see a celebrity’s bodyguard near them, they are likely to have a low-profile protection agent around in case of overeager fans or dangerous stalkers.


Political figures, government officials, and foreign dignitaries

Men and women of high social standing in political and governmental spheres, especially those with radical viewpoints, are often in danger just by the nature of who they are. You can probably think of several social or political leaders whose lives were taken by people with opposing viewpoints. It’s hard for a prominent figure to live safely when they have dangerous opinions.

Behind-the-scenes corruption isn’t restricted to spy movies, either. High-ranking political figures are sometimes in as much danger from those in their own spheres as they are from a dissenting public.

Corporate executives and persons of high net worth

Anyone known for their wealth and in the public eye is at risk, if not for their life, for their money. CEOs and other high-worth, high-status individuals need executive security with a low profile – drawing attention with overt personal protection can make them even more of a target.

Like other high-profile people, persons of wealth typically employ 24-hour security for their residences as well, to keep their homes, families, and possessions safe.

Average people in unusual situations

Sometimes the average person can find themselves in a not-so-average situation requiring round-the-clock protective surveillance. Some of these circumstances could include:

  • Winning the lottery
  • Escaping domestic abuse
  • Divorce-related conflict
  • Witnessing a crime
  • Becoming victim to a stalker

In these types of situations, a person can hire a short-term armed security officer for personal protection.